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Intermim Administration of Afghanistan
Ministry of Higher Education

14 September, 2002


To Whom It May Concern,

Dr. Maliha Zulfacar has been a tireless and staunch supporter of and participant in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. She has contributed considerable amounts of time, money, material and energy to educational development and improving the lives of women and girls in her country of origin. Dr. Zulfacar has been a strong advocate and active supporter of higher education in Afghanistan. She has visited her motherland several times to learn about what she can do for higher education. She designed the web site to provide necessary information on Afghanistan Higher Education. Meanwhile, she developed a documentary on Kabul University, she is working on a fundraising effort to establish a child center at Kabul University, she has delivered over 400 boxes of textbooks for Kabul and regional universities libraries, and she has spoken at numerous forums. Her advocacy, representations, lobbying, and other contributions regarding our higher education have simply been invaluable.

Were it not for her contractual and parental responsibilities in the U.S., we would gladly have given her a position here. But we do need and depend on outside support and would like to retain Dr. Zulfacar as a spokesperson and as a liaison.

Since we are unable to compensate Maliha monetarily, I request all the friends and supporters of Afghan higher education to recognize and offer her whatever financial support they might be able in order to enable her to pursue further her valuable work regarding the reconstruction of Afghanistan Higher Education.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Dr. Sharif Fayez
Minister of Higher Education



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